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... specialized in shipping industrial minerals.


"BulkConBulk" is a reliable and cost-effective container discharge system which has been developed by Yasheya Ltd and which has successfully been utilized to discharge products in bulk directly ex containers into coasters and barges.

This system can be used for a great veariety of products including industrial minerals, agri-feed, fertilizers and ferroalloys.


Traditional Container Shipment

The traditional way of container shipment usually requires some extra effort at the destination plant for discharge operations (additonally back-haul of empty containers to the port).

Costs of shipping in containers are competitive, but final delivery costs are high. Other drawbacks include complex documentation and limited tonnage per container.


BulkConBulk Shipment

Combining bulk operations directly at the container terminal and further transportation without containers, keeps the main benefits of container shipments without losing the advantages of bulk delivery.

Combination of container ocean shipping and bulk barging:

  • BulkConBulk takes advantage of multi-modal benefits: low container rates and low barging rates.
  • BulkConBulk saves costs and reduces administrative work as it implies no handling of containers at final destination.
  • BulkConBulk takes advantage of storage capacities at container terminal: cargoes can accumulate before barging.
  • BulkConBulk works with standard sea-going containers.

BCB Benefits

BCB decreases costs: reduced handling, storage space and shipping expenses.

Customers looking for more efficient container transportation of bulk products should turn to "BCB".