Specialized in Logistics

  • Highly experienced logistics management, supported by state-of-the-art web-based freight supervision software

  • Yasheya is established worldwide as a leader in the transport of industrial minerals and specializes in ocean shipping, containers, coasters, barging, railing, trucking, and warehousing

  • Yasheya continually seeks the optimum logistics solutions for a range of commodities on a variety of routes and transport modes

  • Central to the business is a proven track record in developing and bringing to fruition a range of new and efficient logistics concepts to overcome challenges in global freight, such as shipping minerals by break-bulk and BulkConBulk within a minerals parcel service

  • Key  to  Yasheya’s  success  and  its  strong  position  in  the  market  continues  to  be  carefully  selected  and  nurtured  win-win alliances with strategic partners in the shipping, freight, and port businesses


  • importance of establishing strong alliances with partners that are highly relevant

  • pioneering new freight concepts and

  • developing a modern IT system to monitor global cargo flow.