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... specialized in shipping industrial minerals.

Strength in alliances

The partnership brings together strength in shipping, availability of vessels, efficiency of loading/unloading and the advantage of combining agroproducts and minerals on one and the same vessel. Cargill controls as many as 250 vessels worldwide at any one time and the total volume shipped by the company is about 150m tonnes per year. IGMA’s daily discharge capacity in Amsterdam totals 40,000 tonnes for any type of vessel up to Capesize. To Amsterdam specifically, Cargill/IGMA handle about 9m tpa. The arrangement with Yasheya is mutually beneficial as it also allows Cargill to fill up any empty hold space on its vessels bound for Europe from Asia. Yasheya and IGMA also provide storage in Amsterdam to further add value to the parcel combination and to offer additional services.


Next to Cargill, the leader in the dry bulk vessel market, YASHEYA partners with other leaders in the field of logistics to secure long term freight cost advantages:

  • Westfal Larsen for their state of the art ships allowing access to sensitive loads
  • Far East Land Bridge for the transit through Russia by rail

Conclusion for Logistics Strength of Yasheya

  • Alliance with Cargill / Igma and leading shipping and container operators
  • Solid know-how in handling and shipping minerals
  • Experienced multilingual team in China, Europe and the USA
  • Offices in various ports
  • Permanent quality control with experienced surveyors
  • Minerals parcel service (part-cargo as opposed to full vessels)
  • Strong (and growing) customer base
  • Also offering alternatives to container shipping
  • Regular freight operations
  • Development of new markets / own port projects

Strategic partners