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... specialized in shipping industrial minerals.

Logistics in the 21st Century

Logistics in the 21st Century needs tailor-made services. Yasheya recognised customer needs at an early stage and has successfully developed customized solutions.

One area where Yasheya sets great store is in pioneering the “Cargo Parcel Service” (CPS) concept.
Yasheya claims the main advantages of the CPS include: combining smaller parcels of heavy and light cargoes, bulk and break-bulk; and it offers higher frequency at reduced cost.
Additionally, with a container option for smaller cargoes, there is also the impact of competition to secure containers, high final delivery costs, complex documentation, and limited tonnage per container, for high stowage cargo.

Regarding containers, Yasheya is also pushing a concept called “bulkconbulk”, whereby minerals are loaded in bulk into containers for ocean shipping, and then at the destination port the mineral is transhipped from the container in bulk onto barges to the customer.
Bulkconbulk is claimed to take advantage of its multimodal benefits: low container rates and low barging rates; saving costs and reducing administrative work as it implies no handling of containers at final destination; takes advantage of storage capacities at the container terminal: cargoes can accumulate before barging; bulkconbulk works with standard sea-going containers.

Yasheya is also active in transmodal logistics: in Amsterdam loading into rail containers destined for container hubs in Austria and Italy, for example, from where the material is then loaded to truck and then on to end users.
From sea to land. Yasheya is also evaluating the potential of freighting minerals in 20ft tonne containers using the Trans-Siberian Railway from China/Asia to Europe with Far East Land Bridge Ltd, Vienna (FELB).
The transit time between China and central Europe can take more than six weeks with a sea voyage of over 20,000km. By rail, the transit time between Beijing and Vienna is about 18-20 days over 11,000km.
There are a number of benefits, including shorter ordering times, reduced handling, and the entire shipment enduring just one climate zone, rather than the sea voyage running through three climate zones (including tropics) and producing condensation, therefore special treatment against rust is saved on both ends.

Specifically for the Trans-Siberian route, Yasheya has designed containers with easy bulk unloading top and side hatches.


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